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Salasar Balaji

imageSalasar Balaji Temple or Salasar Dham is one of most famous temple of Lord Hanuman in India. This temple was constructed in 18th century by saint Mohandasji. This temple has a unique look of Lord Hanuman with a beard, a moustache, tilak on forehead, beautiful eyes and knotty eyebrows. Salasar Balaji Temple or Salasar Dham is now recognized as most influential & miraculous place for all devotee of Lord Hanuman.

Origin of Salasar

Photo1About 310 years ago, Thakur “Banwaridasji” was living in a village name as Naurangsar of Churu District (Rajasthan). His son “Tulsiramji” had four sons, out of which “Salam Singh” was the eldest. All the four brothers use to live in different villages named Naurangsar, Tidaki, Jiluliyasar and Salamsar respectively. The place where Salam Singh started residing was renamed as “Salamsar” which is now known as Salasar. 

Miracles of Salasar Balaji

Photo14Once upon a time Thakur of Sikar, Maharaja Devisingh came to Salasar to meet Mohandasji for fulfilling his wish of having a son. Mohandasji asked him to tie a pious coconut (Shri Phal) on the branch of tree inside the temple premises and asked him to get married to Dujod village’s resident Mahovat Singh’s daughter. After about 10 months from when Mohandasji predicted, a son was born to Devisinghji.